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Good brows aren't cheap, and cheap brows aren't good.

Meet the brow queen herself, Linda! Linda has been here at Urban Colorz Salon since we opened the suites in 2020 and she is making waves with all the brow, lash and lip services she has to offer. We interviewed Linda to ask her some of the questions you all are dying to know.

Q. Tell me about the cosmetic tattoo services you provide.

A. I am currently providing services for brows, lips and freckles. The brow services I provide include microblading, powder brows, ombre brows, and combination brows. Microblading is when hair-like strokes are etched in the skin to mimic your own real brow hairs. Powder and Ombre brows is a technique that uses the tattoo machine to fill the brows in with a soft pixelated look. This is great for people that prefer a more full brow appearance. It looks as if you have powder make-up in your brows. Combination brows is a combination of microblading and powder brows. This is my favorite type as it will appear more full than only doing microblading.

I also provide lip blush which adds a soft color to your lips. It can also help to make your lips more defined. I have a large range of colors to choose from. It's actually pretty fun getting to try on the colors to pick a shade! It can be very subtle or it can be more bold - you get to choose! :) This will heal to be more of a tinted chapstick look and not a lipstick look. If you prefer to have a lipstick look you will need to come back a few more times to add more shading.

One of my favorites services is freckles! You can add as many or as little as you want! As with all cosmetic tattooing you will need to get them touched up if you want to keep them up. Otherwise they will fade over time.

Q. What brought you into this industry?

A. I absolutely LOVE helping people with their brows and there was only so much I could do as an esthetician if the client had no brows left. I decided to get my tattoo license so I could help more clients. Helping clients feel beautiful and more confident is what really makes this an incredible experience for me. I have always loved helping people! Even though I'm only doing brows or lips - it really does make a big difference for clients self esteem.

Q. How many visits are required for permanent makeup?

A. Typically at least two to begin with and then annual touch-up appointments after that. You will come in for your initial appointment which will be the most expensive cost. Then 6-8 weeks after that we will schedule a touch-up appointment to touch anything up that didn't heal properly. Sometimes clients will decide to add more shading at the touch up appointment or to go a little darker. After that you will need to come back annually for a color boost.

Q. What are the top things to look for when choosing a permanent cosmetics specialist?

A. Making sure the person is properly licensed is a huge priority and always learning new techniques. Also, make sure the artist truly cares about their clients and has good reviews. You will want to look at the artist's portfolio to make sure they can achieve the style you are looking for. Every artist does things a little differently. Lastly, make sure the artist is legit and posting their own work. I've heard stories of artists posting images that aren't their own work which is a false advertisement.

Q. What do you feel is the most important technique in permanent cosmetics?

A. The most important technique when dealing with bodily fluids is disinfection and sanitation. Make sure they have a clean work space and everything is wrapped properly. Also, being gentle with the client's skin. If too much pressure is applied when doing cosmetic tattooing it can damage the skin and not heal properly.

Wow, thanks Linda for the great information! In addition to her cosmetic tattoo services, Linda also provides the following esthetic services: brow wax, brow tinting, brow lamination, brow henna, lash lift & tint, lash tinting, make-up lessons and professional make-up for special occasions. Get on her books today for a total Glow Up! ❤

Follow her insta @kissmylashpdx

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