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Which brow type is for you?

Hey Babes!

The most asked question when it comes to our cosmetic tattoo services is “What's the difference between the microblading, ombre powder brow, and hybrid methods, and which one is best?"

So here it is… the guide to permanent brows!

First off, no one method is better than the others, because it all comes down to personal style, skin type and coloring.


Microblading has taken the beauty industry by storm in recent years. A very natural looking brow can be achieved using a hand-held tool, creating many hair-like impressions by implanting pigment strokes under the skin. Microblading is meant to replace individual hairs, not to fill your brows to look like they're filled in with pencil or shadow.

Microbladed brows look very natural, each stroke looks like a real hair.

However, Microbladed brows are the least permanent of all Permanent Makeup due to the shallow depth we penetrate the pigment under the skin. They therefore require more frequent touch ups than other techniques. Typically clients come back between 8-12 months for a color boost. Microblading is less effective on oily/combination skin types than other methods.

Microblading is perfect for someone who:

- has thin or patchy brows

- wants a subtle shape enhancement

- doesn’t regularly fill in their brows


This technique has been around for decades, but has been gradually improving over the years. The ombré powder brow method is more like a traditional tattoo, and involves the application of thousands of tiny dots of pigment, inserted into the skin, gradually building up a color and defined shape.

Ombre powder brows are done with a more traditional tattooing method. It produces longer lasting results, works with most skin types, including oily or combination skin. Clients come back for color boosts closer to the 12-18 month mark. The brow is also fuller and more defined or dramatic than with the microblading method.

Because this method has been around for a long time, it doesn't have the best reputation. Many people are fearful of this method looking unnatural, because it does create a more defined, solid look than microblading alone. But today's powder fill brows are much more natural looking than their 1985 predecessors. In fact, ombre brows can be made to look very natural, by not saturating the desired brow shape 100% with pigment and allowing for a defined yet soft/non solid look.

It’s best for someone with oily or combination skin, or who fills in your brows regularly with pencil or shadow. It mimics the look of filled in brows, without all the effort each morning.


Hybrid brows are a popular choice, because you get the best of both worlds. It's pretty much exactly what it sounds like: a combination of microblading and powder brows.

The combination of microbladed hair strokes and a powder brow gives an incredibly natural looking brow. It's a bit more defined and filled in than just straight microbladed brows, and a bit less solid and dramatic than the ombre powder brow.

This technique is great for everyone. All brows are customized specifically for each individual client based on your desired look, skin type, coloring & bone structure.There are no two clients with the same brow design.

So now you know... which style will you choose? We can't wait to give you the beautiful brows you've been dreaming of!


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