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There's a Brazilian reasons why you should be getting waxed with us!

Brazilian waxing is better than some of the other alternatives like shaving, epilation or hair removal creams.

  1. It is better for your skin’s health. It removes more hair that includes exfoliation. As the hair is removed, it takes with it the lifeless skin cells.

  2. It gives you smoother skin. When the hair is removed through waxing, it is removed all the way to the root. That type of exfoliation and dead skin cell removal will make your skin very smooth and soft too.

  3. It will last longer than other alternatives. Compared to shaving, hair removal creams or epilation, the hair will take longer to grow. Brazilian waxing removes the hair from the root. This will make you hair-free for a longer period.

  4. It will make your hair thinner. Since the hair is removed together with its roots, any hair growth will be weaker. That means the hair will be finer and even sparser!

  5. Finally, you will feel less irritation when you wax vs. hair removal creams and epilation. With shaving, the irritation comes immediately after the hair grows.

What to expect during a Brazilian waxing session?

Before your appointment, make sure your hair is short – about ¼ inch high. You should also make sure that you are clean.

The waxer will wear gloves for hygienic purposes. The wax is applied from the front towards the back and the waxer will usually ask for your help to stretch the skin.

Before the application, the waxer will apply some talcum powder on your skin. This will keep the hot wax from sticking to your skin so the removal will be focused on the hair. The wax should be applied in the same direction as the growth of your hair. A hard wax will be applied. Once the wax is cool enough, it hardens and then it is pulled off – pulling out the hair by the root. This will be repeated until all the areas are hair free! Any hair that was not removed by the wax will be tweezed. Finally, lotion will be spread over the skin to help ease any discomfort.

Don't be alarmed- Brazilian waxing can be painful and uncomfortable,especially for first-timers. Once you have gone through a couple of sessions, it gets better. To help with the pain, you can take some ibuprofen before your appointment.

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