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Nicole DeWall

Nicole was rather young when she realized that her true passion is for hair! What a gift to work creatively in her well-established career. This art fills Nicole's soul. Knowing that her guests love their hair and feel beautiful is the best feeling. Daily she goes home exhausted and fulfilled and is very grateful to do what she loves!

Nicole is passionate, skilled and well educated. Endlessly seeking artistic spark and technical ability. Her hair vibe is a soulful beauty that can be lived in. With her guests she believes in collaboration. Nicole wants your color to embody who you are! Color is by far her specialty. Balayage and soft highlights are also her calling! She also loves coloring greys as well.

Nicole has found her haven for high level artistry. At Urban, they are masters in our industry. An uplifting, beautifully competitive, strong group of stylists. Which is why they have been named “Best Salon in Portland” from several sources.

When not behind my chair, Nicole makes the most of this vibrant life! Family and Friends are her everything. She loves to cook, travel, knit, laugh until it hurts and give hugs to those who need them.

Not to be cliché, but Nicole is living her best life. She love to have you in it! Please come see her!

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