Danny Romero

Danny is a graduate of East West College. He actively studies  the many facets of Structual Integration, the art of aligning the body to operate optimally with gravity. He continues to develop professionally by training and practicing actively under certified Rolfers and Structural Integration practitioners. His interest in body mechanics and anatomy, which ultimately lead him to massage therapy, developed while studying  kinesiology at National Academy of Sports Medicine, while perusing a certification in Personal Training. 



 His goal with every client is to improve posture by realigning the body’s natural structure for overall health. By bringing balance to the body you will see and feel general aches and pains dissipate, improve breathing, and relieve physical and mental stress.



Outside of work Danny is a foodie, enjoys weight training, listening to vinyl records, and doing Jiu jitsu. You can also find him giving his roommates cats butt smacks and combing their whiskers.