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Carly Hardman

As the founder of Moonstone Massage and Bodywork, Carly was inspired by the essence of Moonstone to integrate massage therapy with a focus on inner growth and strength, effectively creating a truly relaxing experience that also embodies continued success and stamina.


She understands first-hand the therapeutic value of massage and enjoys being able to support her clients through the physical and energetic healing process. She listens compassionately to identify the nature of what is needed, then draws on her wealth of insight into well-being to offer her clients the adjustments that empower them and benefit their daily lives.


Carly is known to her clients for having a very deep touch with a gentle approach. Each treatment is customized to best serve the uniqueness of each person.


After completing a wide array of studies at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, Carly received her massage license in 2013 and has since been committed to serving her community. She continues to delve into a range of studies and research that expands both her skill set and practicing knowledge to best serve her clients. Drawing on a balanced combination of both Western and Eastern philosophies, the modalities she currently offers include: deep tissue sculpting, trigger point therapy, myofascial and connective tissue release, Swedish, cupping, Reiki, hot stone therapy, and aromatherapy.


When Carly isn’t at work taking care of her clients, you might find her having a walk in the woods, the desert, or at the beach- with an appreciation for nature and valuing the revitalization it provides. She also enjoys getting in a good workout at the gym (though these days she’s mostly just using her Peloton

bike at home – because, quarantine). She also loves cats, her kids, and eating wholesome foods.

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