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Brittany Reed

Introducing Brittany, a talented hairstylist with a passion for precision foiling and transformative balayage. Known for her sweet and funny personality, she brings joy and laughter to her clients' salon experience. 


With a keen eye for detail, Brittany excels in her foil work, meticulously placing highlights and lowlights to create depth, dimension, and stunning color contrasts. Her expertise in this technique allows her to tailor each foiling session to her clients' desired look, whether it's natural sun-kissed highlights or bold, vibrant transformations.


Brittany is also skilled in balayage, a technique that achieves seamless, sun-kissed color transitions. Through her artistic approach, she creates customized balayage looks that beautifully enhance her clients' features and give them a natural, effortless glow.


While Brittany's technical skills are impressive, it's her warm and funny personality that truly sets her apart. She creates a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere in the salon, making her clients feel relaxed and at ease. Brittany's genuine care for her clients shines through as she listens attentively to their hair aspirations and works collaboratively to achieve their desired look.


Outside of her bustling career, Brittany cherishes her time spent with her beautiful family. They bring her immense joy and fulfillment, fueling her passion and creativity as a hairstylist.


For a hairstylist who excels in precision foiling, transformative balayage, and has a sweet and funny personality, look no further than Brittany. Book an appointment with her to experience her exceptional hairstyling skills, laughter-filled salon sessions, and the warmth of her welcoming chair. Get ready to leave with a stunning new look and a smile on your face.

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