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Alexis Tolman

Introducing Alexis, a highly skilled hairstylist specializing in blondes and tape-in extensions. With a warm and sweet personality, she creates a welcoming and enjoyable experience for her clients.


Alexis has a true passion for creating stunning blonde transformations. With her expertise and precision, she can achieve a wide range of blonde shades, from icy platinum to warm golden tones. Her meticulous approach ensures that each blonde hue is customized to enhance her clients' natural beauty and skin tone, leaving them with radiant and flawless results.


In addition to her blonde expertise, Alexis is well-versed in tape-in extensions. She has mastered the art of seamlessly blending extensions with her clients' natural hair, creating voluminous and lengthened locks that look and feel incredibly natural. Her attention to detail ensures that the extensions seamlessly integrate and provide a stunning transformation.


Beyond her professional commitments, Alexis prioritizes her family and cherishes her role as a parent. She is actively involved in her children's lives, never missing their sporting events. Her dedication to her family extends to her work, as she understands the importance of making her clients feel like part of a supportive and nurturing community.


For a hairstylist specializing in blondes and tape-in extensions, look no further than Alexis. Book an appointment with her to experience her exceptional skills, warm personality, and dedication to creating beautiful transformations. Get ready to leave the salon with gorgeous blonde locks or stunning extensions, knowing that Alexis has brought her expertise and heartfelt care to your hairstyling journey.

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