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Danyele Fontana Lau

Introducing Danyele, a highly skilled and passionate cosmetic tattoo artist specializing in ombré powder brows, lip blush, and lash line enhancement. With a deep understanding of the transformative power of cosmetic tattooing, Danyele is dedicated to bringing out women's inner beauty through her artistry.


With extensive training and experience, she possesses a keen eye for detail and a precise technique that ensures exceptional results. She excels in creating natural-looking, well-defined ombré powder brows, enhancing clients' facial features and providing long-lasting, hassle-free beauty.


In addition to brow enhancements, Danyele is also highly skilled in lip blush, a technique that adds subtle color and definition to the lips, resulting in a youthful and fresh appearance. She understands the importance of customized shades and takes the time to work closely with each client, ensuring their desired lip color is achieved.


Furthermore, Danyele specializes in lash line enhancement, a technique that adds subtle definition to the lash line, creating the appearance of fuller and more defined lashes. This treatment enhances clients' natural beauty, giving their eyes a captivating and alluring look.


Driven by a deep passion for her craft, Danyele is committed to creating a comfortable and empowering environment for her clients. She believes that cosmetic tattooing is not only about physical enhancements but also about nurturing confidence and inner beauty.


To experience the exceptional artistry and dedication of Danyele, book an appointment today. With her expertise in ombré powder brows, lip blush, and lash line enhancement, she will help you uncover your inner beauty and leave you feeling radiant and self-assured.

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